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Angeliq, Rhoma Irama "Ex-Unofficial" Wife - 18/02/2010, 16:52 WIB

JAKARTA, — Soap opera actress and singer, Angeliq, once had an unofficial marriage with Indonesia's king of dangdut folksong, Rhoma Irama. Now she supports the draft on marriage that will criminalize those who commit an unofficial marriage.

"I support it (the draft) wholeheartedly, so that men can't marry women by him. Even if he's handsome, nice, and religious, we women better watch out," she commented for, Wednesday.

Angeliq admits that she was charmed by Rhoma Irama for the unofficial marriage, and that at the time she didn't understand the legal and religious aspects of a marriage.

"I was little and I just became a moslem, I didn't understand the religion. But it taught me a lesson to be careful."

Angeliq, whose real name is Angel Lelga, still harbors painful memories of Rhoma. "It wasnt' love, it was more like hoodwinking. The man was lying in the name of love," she said half joking but with checked emotions.

In the future, she said she wouldn't fall into the same pit. She dreams of a legit wedding. "As a woman I want an enduring marriage, one that makes me comfortable, without burdens, and with a clear status for me and the kids."

She claims to be more selective in choosing a mate now. "Don't listen to men's lies, even if he is religious, nice, and good looking. Don't be tricked by his words, even if he is single. I'm more selective now. In the past maybe I didn't know better, but I've learned."

"I like sharing my experiences. I don't mean to preach, but just sharing so that other women won't put up with unofficial marriages or polygamy."

Unfortunately Angeliq isn't only selective, but she's also more discreet about revealing her current lover's identity. (C9-09/C17-09)

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